Problem 1: The pump cannot be started
First, check the power supply: whether the connector is firmly connected; whether the switch is in close contact; whether the fuse is blown; whether the three-phase power supply is equal.
If there is an open circuit, poor contact, blown fuse, or missing phase, find out the cause and repair it in time.
Secondly, check whether it is a mechanical failure of the pump itself,
The common reasons are: the packing is too tight or the impeller and the pump body are jammed and blocked by debris; the pump shaft, bearing, and the leakage reducing ring are rusted; the pump shaft is severely bent, etc.
Elimination methods: loosen the packing, dredge the water diversion tank; disassemble the pump body to remove debris and rust; remove the pump shaft for correction or replace with a new pump shaft.
Question 2: How to change the carbon brush of the angle grinder?
1. Use a screwdriver to open the screws of the back cover and take out the back cover
2. Find the position of the carbon brush and take out the damaged carbon brush. When removing it, use a small screwdriver to gently pick up the buckle at the carbon brush. Do not use too much force to prevent deformation.
3. Install a new carbon brush, and connect the carbon brush correctly according to the connection method when removing it
4. After connecting, place the carbon brush in the carbon brush box, and fasten the carbon brush with the buckle to prevent loosening.
5. Close the back cover and tighten the screws of the back cover.
Question 3: How to change the saw blade of the cutting machine?
1. The cutting saw itself is marked with a direction of rotation of the saw blade,
The thread of the compression nut that fixes the saw blade is opposite to the rotation of the saw blade.
When the saw blade rotates, the bolts tend to be tightened with the rotation. When removing the saw blade, first fix the saw blade with a wrench.
Then follow the direction indicated by the cutting arrow itself, and turn the upper nut to remove the saw blade.
2. When removing parts, mark and record the parts in the order of removal.
3. Replace with a new saw blade.
4. The parts should be reset according to the reverse order and mark of the removed parts.
5. Tighten the fixing nut.
6. Test run to check whether the saw blade rotates smoothly. The replacement of the saw blade is complete.
Note: The disassembly is in the opposite direction (many popular sayings are anti-wire)
Question 4: The storage of lithium batteries
Lithium batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid high temperatures. If the battery is idle for about 2 years,
Discharge it completely, and then charge it to 1/3 of its total capacity. Do not charge the battery fully.
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